TexPak: brief history of a family business

TexPak was established in 2003, when the Belgian Delcour family decided to take its 25-year long collaboration with Sapphire Group -- a Pakistan-based textile conglomerate and family business -- to the next level. With a long history going back to the flax industry in the Kortrijk region in Western Flanders, Belgium, the Delcours have managed multiple successful textile ventures.

We’re proud to create jobs in Pakistan, share our know-how and create great exceptional products.

TexPak is proud of its family heritage and has been passing on experience and know-how from generation to generation. As a free, independent player, we combine the domestic resources of Pakistan with a European management style, resulting in an innovative and pioneering textile enterprise specializing in tubular clothing, promotional apparel and work wear. A global team of more than 1,100 employees is writing the TexPak story as we speak, consistently growing, innovating and topping industry demands.

Our vision

To become a leading global knitwear manufacturer distinguished by its experience, quality, innovation, fabrications, and customer orientations.

Our mission

To drive excellence through innovation and sustainable growth.

Our values

From raw material to finished product: the core of our business

At TexPak, we control every aspect of the production process. A comprehensive setup and accurate research and development result in efficient lead times, quality control in each stage of production, precise fabric development and cost-effective production.

That’s why we can guarantee affordable, quality garments meeting the needs of every customer.

Masters of tubular and open width circular knitting

TexPak has a strong expertise when it comes to tubular body size knitting. By building further on know-how that is at the foundation of the sweatshirt fabric, moving production closer to our raw materials, setting new standards and constantly innovating, we’ve managed to fine-tune our knitting techniques, adding to our offerings of efficient products.

Whereas tubular clothing represents about half of our capacity, we’re also putting strong focus on open-width knitting with a dedicated line. This presents strong growth opportunities.

Our social and ecological responsibilities

TexPak is a pioneer in Pakistan. With 87% of sewing factory employees being women, we are at the forefront of a cultural shift taking place in the country. All employees receive a living wage, and are given the first opportunity to grow and advance in our company. We strive to build long-term relationships with our workers, based on trust and reliability.

TexPak treats our planet with the same respect as we treat our workers. Environmental principles guide every new technology we develop. Social and environmental responsibilities are at the heart of what we do every day. It’s a constant team effort but we insist on going the extra mile and setting the bar high for ourselves and our industry. Read our Social/Environmental Report here.

We’re creating a positive impact on the lives of people.

Our management

  • Luc Delcour -CEO & Founder
  • Baudouin Delcour- CEO
  • Paul Delcour - Managing Partner
  • Tariq Fakhri - Director Operations
  • Usman Amjad - Financial Head
  • Laeeque Iftikhar - Production Manager
  • Shakeel Ahmed Khan- Sr. Manager Merchandising & PD
  • Arjamand Khan - Quality Manager
  • Rabia Sabir - Manager Human Resource
  • Nadia Shahzad - Manager Industrial Engineering

Texpak in time

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Did you Know...

  • TexPak produces 670,000 garments every month. That’s 44 kilometers of sweatshirts per day !
  • By choosing LED lights for our factory in Pakistan, we’ve saved over 26,000 KwH of energy/month , roughly the equivalent of the average energy use of 55 families.
  • To dye our garments, we use energy that comes from rice-husks (steam), a carbon neutral energy source.
  • We provide work and a steady income for about 10,000 people , about 10 times the population of Vatican City.
  • Thanks to our ETP effluent water treatment plants, we are purifying millions of gallons of industrial wastewater for reuse for irrigation purposes.
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